AMD Phoenix-Powered PC Handheld With RGB Keyboard Is a Step Closer to Launch

Ayaneo Slide finalized
(Image credit: Ayaneo on Discord)

Handheld gaming device specialist Ayaneo has finalized its highly anticipated RGB keyboard-packing portable device. On its Discord channel, the firm confirms the Ayaneo Slide is now in trial production.

There haven’t been many handheld PCs that pack in a slider mechanism to reveal a physical keyboard; we think the only other model comes from form factor stalwart GPD. However, this still allows Ayaneo to boast its device is the first such design with an RGB backlit keyboard. Of course, the components are thoroughly modern, too.

Previously released specifications indicate that the Ayaneo Slide will come packing an AMD Phoenix processor – no surprise. Specifically, an official teaser from July says that the Ryzen 7 7840U has been chosen.

Some nice design tweaks include the ergonomic adjustable tilt of the display when the keyboard is revealed and the upgraded AYASpace 2 UI with full keyboard support. Moreover, as well as the RGB keyboard, RGB backlights surround the joysticks.

Some essential specs remain to be revealed, like RAM and storage quotas and pricing. It shouldn’t be a long wait for further info, as Ayaneo says it has arranged trial production and is getting ready for “surprise pre-orders” and various promotional events. The photos you see embedded above represent the final design, layouts, and colors (black and white) of the Slide. This implies that earlier imagery and videos (like the one embedded) might include or emit shipping design features.

(Image credit: Ayaneo on Discord)

The last time Ayaneo hit the Tom’s Hardware headlines was the announcement of a new Android handheld, made using the firm’s x86 handheld experience and know-how. The Ayaneo Slide is a Windows 11 device competing with the Steam Deck and ROG Ally.

Mark Tyson
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  • newtechldtech
    Slide and a keyboard ? a total waste of space , use it for battery better ... it already has touch screen keyboard built in the system.
  • Findecanor
    I am curious to how useful that keyboard actually is ...
    Can the thumb comfortably stretch that far?

    Notice how the video did not show the keyboard being used, even though the keyboard is the point that separates this from other handhelds.
  • Sluggotg
    I usually buy new gaming devices. I will have to hold one and try it out before buying this one. The keyboard might be great for some games but it might just be in the way. It will be interesting to read the actual reviews when it comes out.
  • Omroth
    The Astro Slide from Planet Computers is a decent device with a good keyboard behind a slide screen.

    Only runs Android atm and I'm not sure I'm holding out hope for the linux support, but still: the hardware is quite cool.
  • bp_968
    newtechldtech said:
    Slide and a keyboard ? a total waste of space , use it for battery better ... it already has touch screen keyboard built in the system.
    It could be useful but I agree, bigger battery would be more useful. And dual track pads like the steam deck. I think going back to a handheld without TouchPads like the deck would be really tough for a number of more PC centric games and game genres.