AMD Rounds Out Polaris Offerings With RX 470, RX 460 GPUs

AMD CEO Lisa Su gave us an early glimpse at the company's new Polaris RX GPUs. Although we got details on the RX 480 GPU earlier, AMD is now introducing the RX 470 and RX 460 graphics cards.

Su said that these three GPUs will comprise the entire Polaris product lineup.

The RX 460 is designed with a 75 W TDP, and looking at our images from the press event stage, we noticed that the RX 460 is a single-slot card design with a small air cooler. It lacks a PCI-E power connector, which points to power consumption being safely under the 75 watts the PCI-E slot can provide.

We got a glimpse at the RX 470 board as well, and we were able to see a single six-pin PCI-E connector. This puts the RX 470's power consumption and TDP at 150 W at most, but it could be lower. Looking closely around the exposed GPU, you can see that the RX 470 will not use HBM but will likely rely on GDDR5, instead.

We don't have any pricing information for these GPUs yet, but considering that the highest-end Polaris GPU, the RX 480, costs just $200 SEP, you can bet that the RX 470 and RX 460 will come in lower.

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  • koss64
    :D. I cant wait to get more info on the capabilities and pricing for this card!
  • CarbonK
    Low power graphics cards fascinates me for some reason.
  • elbert
    Leaks suggest 125~135 TDP for the RX 470.