AMD Rounds Out Polaris Offerings With RX 470, RX 460 GPUs

AMD CEO Lisa Su gave us an early glimpse at the company's new Polaris RX GPUs. Although we got details on the RX 480 GPU earlier, AMD is now introducing the RX 470 and RX 460 graphics cards.

Su said that these three GPUs will comprise the entire Polaris product lineup.

The RX 460 is designed with a 75 W TDP, and looking at our images from the press event stage, we noticed that the RX 460 is a single-slot card design with a small air cooler. It lacks a PCI-E power connector, which points to power consumption being safely under the 75 watts the PCI-E slot can provide.

We got a glimpse at the RX 470 board as well, and we were able to see a single six-pin PCI-E connector. This puts the RX 470's power consumption and TDP at 150 W at most, but it could be lower. Looking closely around the exposed GPU, you can see that the RX 470 will not use HBM but will likely rely on GDDR5, instead.

We don't have any pricing information for these GPUs yet, but considering that the highest-end Polaris GPU, the RX 480, costs just $200 SEP, you can bet that the RX 470 and RX 460 will come in lower.

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Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.
  • koss64
    :D. I cant wait to get more info on the capabilities and pricing for this card!
  • CarbonK
    Low power graphics cards fascinates me for some reason.
  • elbert
    Leaks suggest 125~135 TDP for the RX 470.
  • rush21hit
    That 460 needs to be better than 750Ti in every aspect to success. Including but not limited to pricing and dimension and also its power profile needs to be so robust that it can still run on crappy PSU. Just like the 750 did.

    Should that happen then this tiny card will became some serious consideration for cybercafe business. Especially for MOBA games. Particularly in SEA, you'd see a lot of gaming cybercafe like these running sub $100 GPU for that purpose. Things like HD4670, HD5570, HD6670, HD7730 are very popular and still used to this day.

    I believe it's not just SEA either, I've seen many owner of such business also doing about the same thing. Cheap yet capable enough of a GPU to barely run the game.

    It was something that GTX950 also addresses yet fail to deliver because of its pricing. It was also the reason why the GTX750 non Ti sold so well. It's also one of the reason why Steam survey has a lots of people still at 1366x768.

    It's a big market, I tell you. If anyone had any idea how big it is I believe it's AMD.
  • Bloob
    Will be interesting to see proper reviews for these, especially 470 as that was quoted as the most efficient Polaris.
  • falchard
    I like the naming. Very simple. I never really liked the 385x. Pretty much special binning's of the same chip with marginal performance increase. Still waiting on Vega news.
  • emayekayee
    Still hoping for a RX 490. Something that performs between the RX 480 and nvidia 1070 at the $299 price range.
  • Cryio
    Given the Xbox Scorpio was announced with more than R9 390X levels of performance, even the newly announced RX 480 will be for soon to be PC medium settings at 1080p30.
  • redgarl
    Now we know that Polaris is really the mainstream market. I suspect these chips to be in the upcoming consoles.
  • redgarl
    It's a good move to simply put 3 cards. Last gen, I honestly cannot remember how many there was.