AMD posts updated processor roadmap

AMD has recently updated its public processor roadmap. The version dated for March 10, 2005, lists four dual-core processors for the second half of this year. For the desktop, the company lists the "Toledo" chip, which is based on its 90 nm SOI AMD64 architecture.

The remaining dual-cores will be Opteron processors: "Denmark" is the codename for the 100-series, "Italy" for the 200 series and "Egypt" for the 800 series.

The roadmap also includes updates to the mobile product line for the second half of 2005. "Roma" will succeed the current low-voltage mobile Sempron; "Georgetown" will take the Mobile Sempron from 130 nm to 90 nm before the end of June, but will be replaced with "Albany" in the second half.

The roadmap is available here. (THG)