Amped Wireless's Touch Screen AC1750 Router, Simplified For The Average Consumer

Amped Wireless announced its latest AC1750 Wi-Fi router, the TAP-R3, the first in its class with a built-in 4" touch screen interface. Used to simplify the setup process and manage the device, the TAP-R3 touch screen could be an ideal option for average consumers who want a little more control over their network.

Rated at speeds up to 450 Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbps for 5 GHz, Amped Wireless' new dual band wireless router is powered by a Qualcomm Vive processor and includes four gigabit wired ports, 12 amplifiers, two internal high gain antennas and one external high gain antenna, and it pumps out up to 800 mW of power. The TAP-R3's small form factor is designed not to be intrusive to countertop space, but it can also be mounted on the wall for more space savings.

Compared to the TAP-R2, its predecessor, the TAP-R3 has six more amplifiers, bringing the number to 12, and it's capable of supporting four gigabit LANs as opposed to the TAP-R2's two. The TAP-R3 also has one more internal antenna than the TAP-R2.

Amped Wireless boasted that the TAP-R2 is easy to set up, and it's all done through the 4" touch display without the need to connect any extra laptops or computers. The TAP-R3 also automatically detects Internet connections and chooses the correct network, after which a username and password is entered. For users who want more control over their network, the TAP-R3 also gives them the ability to configure settings for guest networks, Wi-Fi Access schedules, user access controls and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Per Amped Wireless, the price tag for the TAP-R3 is $199.99 in the U.S. Units will be shipping to pre-order customers in the coming week and will be available from major retailers in the weeks to follow.

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  • tom10167
    $200 and no MIMO. Oh but a screen, that'll go great with my MacBook Pro
  • oczdude8
    $200 and no MIMO. Oh but a screen, that'll go great with my MacBook Pro

    What did you expect? Adding a screen doesn't come for free (while it might be cheap to implement for the company, since they are the first to implement this, they can charge a premium for this "innovation").
  • jaber2
    I like the new sleek design, I don't need this in my home but I want it to show off to my friends that I am MetroTechnical