Antec Intros Sleek ISK600 Mini-ITX Case

Antec has announced its new ISK600 enclosure, which is a Mini-ITX enclosure that's capable of housing rather large hardware.

The case features a sleek black design, with a blue LED-lit stripe going across the front. Next to this you'll find the front I/O connectivity, which is fairly standard with a pair of HD audio jacks, a single USB 3.0 port and a single USB 2.0 port.

Inside the case, users can place Mini-ITX motherboards, graphics cards up to 317.5 mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 170 mm tall. Also, the case is able to house a full-size ATX power supply. Storage-wise the case can house a single slim optical drive as well as three 3.5" drives in addition to two 2.5" drives. The rear exhaust is taken care of by a 120 mm fan.

The case should be arriving at retailers with an MSRP of €75, and if the Euro-Dollar trick applies, it'll go for the same number but in USD in the US.

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  • edogawa
    Appears to be a nice case. Not as nice as a LI PC-Q25B or the Prodigy though.

    I don't see why companies still use USB 2.0 ports too.
  • Yuka
    Sleek? Hardly.

    Even more, why such a low amount of front USB connectivity? It has a big face, why skimp on USB ports, Antec?

    I wouldn't use it myself, since I don't have the vertical room for it and it looks... Blocky.

  • nukemaster
    Certainly far from what I would call ugly(sleek is a look more than a size in this case).

    Kind of similar to the SG05 on the outside, but the inside is another story for sure.

    I think depth is one of the things overlooked in smaller cases. my SG05 is was a perfect fit for the limited space I had(anything deeper would not fit.).