AOC’s Latest Portable Monitor Features IPS Display, Automatic Orientation Adjustment

AOC revealed a plug-and-play 16” portable display that features an IPS panel and DisplayLink technology. If you’re in the market for a portable display to complement your portable workstation, AOC’s I1659FWUX display could be just what you need.

The display features a 15.6” 60Hz 1080p IPS panel and offers a 700:1 contrast ratio, which is all you need for a presentation display or to extend your desktop real estate. Don’t expect to play any games on the portable monitor, though. The panel features a 25ms refresh rate, which is far from ideal for gaming. IPS panels make up for the low refresh rate with wide viewing angles, however, and the I1659FWUX display offers clear views at up to 160 degrees from the screen’s face.

AOC equipped the I1659FWUX with a foldable “flexi-stand” that allows you to stand the display in portrait or landscape orientation. The company also included sensors that allow the display to detect its orientation and adapt the screen’s output to match, which means you don’t have to go into the Windows display settings to switch between portrait and landscape mode.

AOC’s I1659FWUX display is primarily a portable companion to your laptop computer, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it with a desktop PC, too. AOC anticipates that some of its customers will opt to use the 16” USB-based display to add screen space to their desktop PCs. The company included VESA 75 x 75mm mounting points, which allows you to mount the I1659FWUX monitor to any VESA-compliant monitor stand.

AOC developed the I1659FWUX portable monitor to complement laptop computers and low-powered desktop PCs. If you don’t have an extra display output, but you could use an extra monitor, the I1659FWUX portable monitor should work for you. The portable monitor features DisplayLink technology, which allows the display to operate without a dedicated graphics adaptor. DisplayLink technology leverages the versatility of the USB 3.0 standard to allow video signals over the universal serial bus. It also enables the use of multiple USB displays at once.

AOC said the first deliveries of the I1659FWUX monitor would ship from Amazon on May 12. If you wish to get one of the earliest units, you can place a pre-order today. AOC said the device's MSRP  is $199, but Amazon’s product page lists the monitor for $150.

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Panel Type:IPS
Resolution:1920 x 1080
View Angle:IPS 160°/160°(CR>10)
Brightness:220 cd/m2
Response time:25ms (tr+tf)
Features:Auto pivot
Row 8 - Cell 0 Ultra slim
Row 9 - Cell 0 Light Weight
Row 10 - Cell 0 Foldable flexi-stand
Row 11 - Cell 0 Low power consumption

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  • Danra
    As of 9 May 2017 the following have been removed from the "Serivces" window:
    Connected User Experiences and Telemetry
    Under Settings, Privacy, Feedback and diagnostics, it is greyed out.
    Under Settings, System, Apps and Features have been removed
  • Ron Olbrey
    Would be nice to have an HDMI input so it could be used with non pc devices along with a USB battery pack for power. Also could be used with a laptop without the need for drivers.