Tom's Hardware adds price/performance ratio to CPU Charts

Tom's Hardware will publish a major update to its popular CPU Charts utility on Wednesday. Two new processors will be joining the existing lineup of 83 CPUs and a new price/performance ratio feature will allow users to determine which processor offers the most bang for the buck.

Already a unique service on the Internet, Tom's Hardware readers can use the CPU Charts to compare processors side by side in 27 different benchmark disciplines. The tool currently covers AMD and Intel CPUs ranging from the Athlon 1400 and Pentium 4 2.0 GHz to the Athlon64 FX-60 and Pentium Extreme Edition 965. So far, the tool has been purely focused on performance data, which allows readers to exactly figure out which speed increase they can expect from a processor upgrade. Now, Tom's Hardware adds current pricing data to calculate the overall value of two processors.

The new feature draws etail pricing information from TG Stores and compares the Dollar value with the performance value of a processor. Pricing data is updated every day, which allows Tom's Hardware readers to immediately find out which processor offers the most bang for the buck on a certain day. This feature is also available in Tom's Hardware's Hard Disk Charts.

Check out the updated CPU Charts here. The new version will be available by Wednesday, 8:00 am EST.

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