5.46 Ghz "dream machine" computer to be shown off at CeBIT

Three companies, Asetek, Kingston Technology Europe and Western Digital, have joined forces to build a fast liquid/phase-change cooled computer called the "Dream Machine". Using Asetek's phase-change coolers, along with Kingston's HyperX DDR2 RAM and Raptop X drives from Western Digital, the new computer runs at 5.46 Ghz. Quite impressive considering the Intel Pentium 4 CPU used had a stock speed of 3.8 Ghz.

The CPU is cooled using a phase-change cooler, which is essentially a small refrigerator, that brings the temperature to minus 33 degrees Celsius. Other motherboard and graphic card components were cooled using Asetek's "WaterChill" liquid coolers.

The computer will be shown off at Asetek's booth during the upcoming CeBIT show in Germany.