ASRock Puts H2R Travel Router In The Spotlight

Brought to market earlier this year, the HR2 was included with the G10, ASRock's new MU-MIMO gaming router. The HR2 was included with the G10 as a detachable travel router fitting inside the gaming router's case. It will now be available as a standalone product.

Aside from being a portable 2T2R (2x2) 11n Wi-Fi access point, one of the other features of the H2R dongle is serving as an HDMI casting device used to project your handheld device's screen onto an HDMI-compliant monitor, otherwise known as either Miracasting or AirPlay, depending on the device used. The H2R is compatible for use with AppleTV and Chromecast, but in order to use the casting feature, you will need to download the EZ Cast app, which is available on the Google Play and the App store.

The device's design is ideal for those on the go. Aside from the Miracasting feature, the USB-powered dongle also includes an Ethernet jack, which allows you to use the H2R as a network adapter.

Although the ASRocks H2R dongle is still included with the G10 gaming router, for those not of the gaming persuasion, the travel router will also be sold separately. ASRock has yet to announce a release date and price for the individually sold H2R.

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