Report: Asus to Launch Eee-book Reader

Asus has thus fair been fairly successful in launching consumer-friendly computing devices under its Eee brand. With netbooks, nettops already under its belt, Asus is now taking a firm look at tackling the growing ebook segment.

According to Digitimes, who cites Asus company president Jerry Shen, the computer market plans to launch an ebook reader under the Eee brand (we'd like to call it the Eee-book reader), perhaps even as early as the end of 2009.

The requirements to enter the ebook market should be less demanding than the ones for netbooks and nettops, presumably because Asus would not have to worry about special agreements and restrictions set in place by partners such as Intel and Microsoft. Of course, the real challenge for any ebook platform is a stable and populated content delivery system.

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  • sanctoon
    well, if its cheap enough i'm game
  • resonance451
    The market is going to get so oversaturated that many companies will die as a result. :p

    I can't wait until a more precise standard emerges between all e-books so that we don't get trapped in a proprietary mess like the old DRM'd Apple garbage.
  • tayb
    Solution in search of a problem.