Asus Formula Series: Aerodynamic Graphics Cards

Aerodynamic design is a huge part of any racing sport, from motorsport to cycling. But what about in the race to get the quickest refreshing frame rates? Asus is exploring that avenue with its new Formula Series graphics cards, based off of the ATI Radeon HD4890 and HD4770 graphics chips.

Apparently the design isn’t just all for show either, as Asus claims that the F1 car looking design actually serves to offer 7 percent better airflow (we presume that means better than without the shaped shell). The cooler itself has been given a “Micro Surface Treatment Technology” that supposed to improve heat dissipation by 14 percent. The cooling fan itself is also dust proof, which Asus claims to extend the card’s lifespan by 25 percent.

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  • m3kt3k
    I think WTF pretty much sums it up.
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  • accolite
    most retarded design ever.
  • m3kt3k
    I think WTF pretty much sums it up.
  • m3kt3k
    UMMMM Dust proof? How much what they are smoking for a 1/4.
    Really it must be awsome.