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Asus Announces Updated ProArt PA329Q UHD Display

Asus announced an updated version of its 32-inch 4K ProArt monitor, which now has 100 percent Adobe RGB color.

Last year at Computex, Asus announced the ProArt PA328Q 4K monitor, which included HDMI 2.0 connectivity for 60 Hz on a single cable. The monitor was targeted for professional use. Today at Computex 2015, the company announced the next iteration of that product, the ProArt PA329Q.

The new monitor features an IPS display with a 178-degree viewing angle, running at 3810 x 2160 in 16:9. The display has a 138 PPI pixel density and offers what Asus claims to be 100 percent Adobe RGB color gamut.

The monitor includes BT2020 / DCI-P3 color space support for video production editing, 10-bit display color, which is just over 1.07 billion different colors, and a 16-bit internal lookup table (LUT), which is said to smooth out the gradations between hues.

Asus calibrates each PA329Q monitor with its own ProArt Calibration Technology. This professional hardware calibration application controls the hardware of the monitor directly, and it can save parameters directly to a chip in the display. Conventional calibration software relies on profiles loaded from the PC. Asus also claims it has the highest compatibility with X-rite and Datacolor hardware calibrators.

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