Asus Is Pretty in Pink With ROG PNK Gaming Peripheral Line

(Image credit: Asus)

Asus is going pink – gray and pink, to be precise - with its new line of ROG PNK LTD accessories that debuted today.

Instead of adopting a hot, screaming pink (as it did in the past), Asus opted to go with a more muted salmon color with complementary gray. When will these manufacturers take risks with their design? Ah, well.

The collection includes the ROG Gladius II Origin mouse ($99), Strix Flare keyboard ($179), Strix Fusion 300 headset ($99) and ROG Sheath desk mat ($39) to tie it all together. They all come in a nice light, floral pink hue, rather than the typical matte black. Plus, all four come packing RGB lighting if you're looking add even more color. 

The Strix Flare keyboard is a particularly interesting part of the collection, thanks to the extra emphasis on color. Both left and right sides of the keyboard feature LEDs that keep the light show going under your desk, and you can control those, as well as the rest of your peripherals' color scheme, with Asus' Aura Sync software. You can opt for macros if you'd prefer, but if you want to keeps things simple, it's a good idea to use the included app.

The Strix Flare keyboard comes with either Cherry MX Red or Brown switches, depending on how 'clicky' you're used to your gear feeling.

Asus is far from the first company to capitalize on its consumers' love for pops of color when it comes to gaming peripherals. Previously, Razer debuted its similar Quartz Edition line of rosy pink accessories, featuring the same muted gray and pink combo seen with the ROG PNK LTD line. Although it appears Asus' new products tend to have more of a blue sheen to their gray coloring than Razer's. 

If these new pleasingly pink peripherals appeal to you, you can pick them up via the official Asus online store now, for a limited time only.