Auctify Specs Smart Glasses Use Machine Learning to Try to Keep You Productive

(Image credit: Auctify)

With more of us working from home these days -- around our children, messy kitchen and other potential distractions -- it can be easy to lose focus on our jobs. But what if your glasses could you help you stay on task? That's the idea behind Auctify Specs, smart glasses launched today that are designed to help you keep your eyes on the prize. 

Creators have been searching for a way to integrate smart technology into our lives for more than a decade. From pocket-sized computers, to augmented reality (AR) glasses devices like Google Glass, North Focals (now owned by Google), Vuzix Blade and Nreal Light, finding the right balance of usefulness and inconspicuousness is key to smooth integration.

That's why Auctify Specs look like a regular pair of plastic-framed glasses. If thick-rimmed specs are your style, these will be a subtle and inconspicuous upgrade. However, these smart glasses are designed to do much more than just replace your existing specs.

(Image credit: Auctify)

These glasses are fitted with a "productivity sensor" used to track your daily activity alongside Auctify's machine learning and computer vision software. We confirmed with Auctify the productivity sensor is just used to capture images from the wearer's perspective. One of the earpieces also features a pulse oximetry sensor.

The images and sensor data collected is processed before being made accessible through the accompanying app. The information displayed in the app can be used to help evaluate your productivity and make room for improvements. 

"Our patent pending machine learning algorithms can provide personalized real time activity tracking and uses proven methods in positive psychology to keep you motivated and focused," Auctify's website says. 

Auctify claims its Specs will help wears improve self-awareness, as well as provide mindfulness training and "mental conditioning" via "real-time LED and auditory cues." 

There are additional options in the app to manage media, play music, track exercise and even take phone calls. Most importantly, Auctify includes in-app encryption settings that can be used to protect your Auctify Specs data.

The crowdfunding campaign for Auctify Specs is officially on Indiegogo. You can reserve a pair for yourself for just $1 USD, which also guarantees a discount on the final product. 

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