Avexir's Blitz Red Dragon Memory Matches MSI Motherboards

Avexir has announced a new set of memory kits, and similar to what other manufacturers seem to be doing, are being designed to aesthetically match a specific set of motherboards.

The Blitz Red Dragon 1.1 memory series are DDR3 memory modules, the design of which is made to match the MSI Gaming series motherboards. They feature black heat spreaders with red dragon effects. The modules also feature red LEDs on top, which can pulsate with a breathing pattern.

Spec wise, the units come in a number of flavors, ranging between 1600 MHz and 3200 MHz. Timings are set at CL9 and CL13 for the 1600 MHz and 3200 MHz modules, respectively. The units also feature Intel XMP 1.3 support.

The units are already available through select retailers in Europe, with prices starting at about €100 for an 8 GB memory kit. There was no word on U.S. availability.

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  • BulkZerker
    They're how much? There's way too many zeros after that one
  • Morbus
    Yeah, definitely too pricy for 1600MHz kit...
  • Lutfij
    That's the price of aesthetics for ya!