Report: Avexir Promises 3400 MHz DDR4 Memory Soon

Avexir's standard DDR4 modules from OCUK.

Just days ago G.Skill announced its DDR4 memory, which was factory clocked at frequencies of up to 3200 MHz. This is fast, but not quite as fast as what Avexir is promising: 3400 MHz.

XBitLabs reports that Avexir is working on 3.40 GHz DDR4 memory. We’re not sure what the timings will be, as we’ve noticed a trend of slightly higher latencies with the new DDR4 memory. This is likely due to the lower operating voltage, which makes it difficult to keep timings low and frequencies high.

Likely, Avexir would have the modules run at 1.35 V, a little higher than the upper limit of the DDR4 specification, in order to keep the timings within respectable limits. As time goes on we will probably see DDR4 performance improve across the board. At launch, DDR4 will only be supported by the new enthusiast Haswell-E CPUs on the X99 platform, although when DDR4 hits mainstream hardware we’ll probably see the pricing and performance improve.

The report also mentioned that the LED series of modules will be making a return with DDR4.

Availability remains unknown, as does pricing. So far the DDR4 prices we’ve seen are quite steep. We’re expecting DDR4, along with the Haswell-E processors and the X99 motherboards to launch August 29, though something tells us that this memory will take a little longer to come to market.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • NeatOman
    CAS latency?
  • InvalidError
    CAS latency?
    As they said: "We’re not sure what the timings will be"

    In other words: not announced yet so nobody knows but we can hazard a guess from well established patterns so far that it will suck relative to current high-end DDR3 as all DDR4 most likely will for the next year or so. Once DDR4 trickles down to mainstream with Skylake, volumes may start becoming large enough to support binning chips for premium product lines.

    For now, the production volume and yields likely cannot support different product lines with more aggressive timings so manufacturers are not bothering to split hairs..
  • warezme
    What is the advantage of DDR4 as opposed to DDR3? (besides voltages which I wouldn't care about on a PC workstation) Or is DDR4 the required memory for a Hawell E chip?
  • VincentP
    The timing is expressed as a number of clock cycles. These numbers always go up with faster memory because the absolute latency in milliseconds remains much the same.
  • InvalidError
    14036685 said:
    Or is DDR4 the required memory for a Hawell E chip?
    It is. That's why memory manufacturers waited until the imminent release of Haswell-E motherboards and CPUs before bothering to offer mainstream DDR4. Until now, the only DDR4 you could get was for servers.
  • TechieNewbie
    is DDR4 the required memory for a Hawell E chip?

    Yes it is, and the X99 motherboard line.
  • geraldfryjr
    Faster memory is Great!!
    But, When are we going to see Bigger memory !!!
    Like more than 8GB or 16GB per stick!!! ;)
  • Urzu1000
    Currently, I'm not very interested in DDR4 memory, despite waiting for it for a couple years now. The speeds are comparable to high end DDR3 at present, and the modules aren't any denser. That, with the price, just makes it impractical at the moment, but that's how bleeding edge tech goes. You pay development costs in exchange for being the first to get your hands on it.

    That being said though...

    I'm looking forward to how quickly this will evolve. Give me 3.6GHz and some 16GB sticks, and I'll definitely be right there to purchase it for a few hundred.