No Tricks: AYN Reveals Loki Range of Handheld Gaming PCs

The AYN Loki
(Image credit: AYN)

The launch of the Steam Deck seems to have tipped off a great many more handheld PC projects. The latest is the Loki from AYN, a range of five handhelds that starts cheap and can be specced up quite nicely. Thanks to Techpowerup and Liliputing for the lead on this one.

AYN has already released the Android-powered Odin, but Loki runs Windows. The machines come with a range of CPU options, most of them from AMD. The entry-level member of the pantheon, however, comes with an unnamed Intel Alder Lake U chip. The Loki Mini, with Iris Xe graphics and 64GB of storage (no information regarding RAM seems to be available for any of the Loki machines, though Odin came with a choice of 4GB or 8GB), will be sold for just $299. Storage appears to be replaceable across the range, so hopefully, new SSDs can be dropped in easily.

Step up the range a bit, and you get three Lokis with a Ryzen 5 6600U APU with six cores, 12 threads, a boost speed of up to 4.5GHz, and Radeon 660M graphics (six cores). These machines come with varying storage levels, from 64GB to 512GB, and prices range from $499 to $699.

The big boy at the top of the range is the Loki Max, which brings a Steam Deck-matching Ryzen 7 6800U APU (eight cores, 16 threads, 4.75GHz boost, Radeon 680M graphics with 16 cores) to the party. It's only available with 512GB of storage, and the amount of RAM is still undetermined. At $799, it's slightly more expensive than the equivalent Steam Deck, but comes with a copy of Windows instead of Linux, so that needs to be factored into the price. 

The Loki range features two analog sticks, a D-pad, the usual four face buttons in an Xbox configuration, plus Select, Start and triggers. The screen looks similar to the Odin's 5.98 inch, 1080p display. There's a USB-C port around the back, plus a headphone jack, but that seems to be it. The Odin had a Switch-like dock that added USB Type-A and HDMI ports (plus, bizarrely, N64 and GameCube controller ports) ready to connect it to a big TV, so it's entirely likely Loki will do the same.

The Loki has yet to appear on the AYN website at the time of writing, but there's a product announcement on Facebook.

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Tech specs
Row 0 - Cell 0 CPUGPURAMStorageScreen
Steam DeckAMD 6800URadeon 660M16GB64GB to 512GB7in 1280x800
Loki MiniUndetermined Intel Alder LakeIris XeUnknown64GBUnknown
Loki MaxAMD 6800URadeon 680MUnknown512GBUnknown
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  • srimasis
    This looks awesome. Hopefully they sell one in India. The 6600u option seems the best value for money. Heck even the $299 option is good for casual games and PS2/ Wii emulated games. You are basically getting a small windows tablet for the price.
    I thought the Steam Deck had a hybrid 4 core on Zen 2 with 8CU RDNA2 GPU.
    Ryzen 7 6800U is 8 Zen 3+ cores and 12CU RDNA2, not 16.
  • salgado18
    I'd love if AMD made a CPU with 6 Zen 3 cores and the RDNA2 680M. It would be cheaper, while keeping the graphics performance high. I bet these portable "consoles" would love it.

    Otherwise, these look great. I hope they are as good as they sound in the real world.
  • rluker5
    I don't need it, but really want the base model.
    Please let it have an HDMI out.
  • Awev
    I just took a look at the website for Ayn and they have tabs for the Loki Mini, Loki, and Loki Max, and state 9:00 EST today. I guess it becomes official in less than 24 hours (less than 17 hrs as I type this). It will be interesting what the official specs and pricing will be. No track-pad included.
  • escksu
    299 for the Intel one looks great.
  • mitch074
    escksu said:
    299 for the Intel one looks great.
    Except it has the graphics capabilities of a pocket calculator. Base AMD model has twice the graphics power.
  • rluker5
    rluker5 said:
    I don't need it, but really want the base model.
    Please let it have an HDMI out.
    I went with the Mini Pro Intel version.

    Mini Pro Intel has the 8505 and the Mini Intel has the 7305.

    Really big difference between those 2 on the CPU side. IGPU on both is the same. I plan on doing a little clock restraining on the 8505 to keep the CPU from throttling the IGPU.

    Should be nice for emulating and playing some older games I want to for story that I don't like seeing on my large 4k.

    Now I just have to wait :/