Be Quiet! Announces Power Zone Series PSUs

Be Quiet! has introduced a new series of power supplies. While a lot of power supply releases bring up little more than a 'meh', Be Quiet!'s new units actually have some interesting features.

For starters, the basic specifications include efficiency up to 90 percent, 80 Plus Bronze certification, a single powerful 12 V rail, and it comes in versions with wattages ranging from 650 W to 1000 W. The units are also fully modular, can support up to three GPUs with six PCIe power connectors, and have support for the C6 and C7 states of Intel's Haswell processors.

Now though, the most interesting feature is the cooling. The units feature a 135 mm cooling fan, with a better motor than other fans. Rather than featuring just four poles, the fan motor features six poles, which allows for a much smoother and more stable rotation. In addition, the fan has a unique blade design that is seen in Be Quiet!'s case fans. Moreover, the unit also features a 'COOL*OFF' function, which will keep the fan running for an additional three minutes after system shutdown. The fun doesn't end there; -it is possible to connect three more system fans to the unit, all of which will tag along with the 'COOL*OFF' function.

The units will come in four versions: 650 W, 750 W, 850 W, and 1000 W. They carry MSRP's of $115, $135, $159, and $189, respectively. The two higher-power models are already available through select retailers; the remaining models will hit shelves in mid-September.

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  • Anonymous
    I didn't realize my PSU made noise. Mine's silent :/
  • edogawa
    Anonymous said:
    I didn't realize my PSU made noise. Mine's silent :/

    So is mine. This is just a marketing strategy to be unique.
  • ocilfa
    While it will be used as a marketing point, certain PSU's do have noise problems. I just replaced the cheap chinese-brand fan that came with my cooler master and it made a nice drop in overall noise.