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Biostar Keeps It Cheap With $16 Racing AM3 Gaming Mouse

When Biostar released its first mouse, the AM2, we did a double-take at the price tag: $10. In keeping with its super-budget ethos, the company’s second mouse, the Racing AM3, offers more features but is still just $16.

The ambidextrous AM3 features a PixArt PMW 3320 optical sensor. Biostar said that the mouse can give you up to 5,000DPI, but seeing as how the PMW 3320 maxes out at 3,500CPI, that means it’s using software to goose it; essentially, the MCU is overclocked. (Biostar did the same thing with the AM2).

The mouse features adjustable DPI (800/1,200/2,400/5,000), and you can program the mouse buttons, create macros, change the polling rate, and more, using Biostar’s Racing AM3 software. Biostar didn’t specify how many buttons are on the mouse, but it appears that there nine total--left and right click, two DPI switchers, four total forward/back buttons (two per side), and the scroll wheel. The switches are Huano and promise to survive 10 million clicks.

The AM3 is also a heavy bugger at 149g.

The finish is glossy black, and there’s a bit of lighting present. There’s a bit around the DPI buttons, a thin line running in a U shape around the upper lip of the palm rest, and a backlit logo on the palm rest itself.

Although we know that the AM3 will cost $16, it’s not yet listed on Biostar’s site at press time. A search on Amazon and Newegg turned up nothing, either.

Biostar Racing AM3 Gaming Mouse
SensorPixArt optical PMW 3320
DPI5,000 DPI (800/1,200/2,400/5,000)
Buttons9 total, programmable:-L/R click-DPI switchers (x2)-Left side: Forward/back navigation-Right side: Forward/back navigation-Scroll wheel
SwitchesHuano (10M click lifetime)
Frame Rate5300fps
Tracking Speed80ips
CableNylon braided cable 1.8 meter
SoftwareRacing AM3
Dimension122 x 67 x 34mm (LxWxH)
ColorShiny black
Operation SystemWindows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10