Bitfenix Announces Formula PSU Line Made By Channel Well Technology

Here at Computex, Bitfenix revealed its upcoming mainstream PSU line, Formula.

These PSUs are made by Channel Well Technology and are based on a modified GPS platform. They feature a double-layer PCB, 120mm HDB fans, and native cables which help keep the production cost as low as possible.In terms of output noise the 120mm fan doesn’t seem like the optimal choice, however the compact dimensions don’t allow for a larger fan. Nonetheless, with a relaxed fan profile the operating noise can be kept at fairly low levels.

We also noticed that these PSUs use cables equipped with extra filtering caps for higher ripple suppression performance. We are not huge fans of cables featuring filtering caps, however the fact is that those caps indeed help in further reducing ripple, so they come handy in compact PSUs with restricted PCB space.

The new Formula units are expected to be released in the early Q4 and their capacities will range from 450W to 750W. According to Bitfenix, the strongest product with 750W max power will cost around $90 and will be supported by a five-year warranty, like all the other members of this line.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.