BitFenix Prodigy Case Released in Green and Blue

BitFenix has launched its Prodigy enclosure in two new colors, Prodigy Green and Prodigy Blue. Both of the units come standard with a window side panel. Up until now, the Prodigy existed in four other colors: white, black, red and orange. The new colors are described by BitFenix as Vivid Green and Cobalt Blue.

Beyond the new colors, the enclosure will be identical to the previous models. They will have room for a mini-ITX motherboard, graphics cards up to 320 mm in length and room for up to five hard drives. Remove the hard drive cage, and the internal hardware can even be water cooled.

The new enclosures will hit shops around the end of May, and although there was no official word on pricing, we can expect it to be the same or slightly above that of the previous models.

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  • buzznut
    An extremely popular enclosure. I wanted to do a mod with one, but then there have been about 30 or so mods I have seen mostly involving putting as much hardware as possible in a tiny case.
  • edogawa
    Neat cases, I wanna do a build with one of these one day.
    They look like those mac cases too oddly.
  • aonor
    I personally think they should've gone with Azure or Dodger blue.