Blizzard May Offer Reaper of Souls Special Edition

Polygon reports that Blizzard is currently surveying registered Diablo 3 players about the pricing of the upcoming expansion pack, Reaper of Souls, and about a possible Special Edition. The upcoming expansion will add a fourth Act to the campaign, add a new Crusader character class, an increased level cap to 70, a new artisan and more.

"Consider two versions of the expansion: a Standard Edition for $29.99 and a Collector's Edition for $49.99," the survey reads. "The Standard Edition includes the Reaper of Souls expansion; the Collector's Edition includes the expansion, exclusive in-game content, and other bonus items."

The company is also quizzing Diablo III gamers about their knowledge of the expansion pack, and to rank the new features in order of performance. In addition to the ones mentioned above, these include the new loot system, the Nephalem Trials, gear transmogrification, the new Paragon level and point system, and so on.

"Our goal at Blizzard Entertainment is to make the most epic gaming experiences possible, so we want to get your feedback as a registered user of Diablo III," according to the email sent out to gamers. "We invite you to participate in an online survey where your responses will help us determine which areas to focus our attention in the coming months."

Meanwhile, Blizzard has launched the open beta of its new desktop launcher app for This allows gamers to log in once every 30 days and have access to Diablo III, StarCraft II, World of Warcraft and other Blizzard titles without the need to log into each separate game. This app also keeps these games up-to-date by automatically downloading and installing the latest patches, if permitted.

"In the months ahead, the game launchers for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III will be automatically updated to our new desktop app for, designed to improve the launcher experience and streamline your ability to play Blizzard games—but if you're interested in upgrading now, you can!" reads the download page.

Blizzard said that players will be auto-updated in waves, so the exact date players will receive the update will vary from person to person. When the time comes, the upgrade will download and install on its own the next time a player starts up the launcher for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, or Diablo III. As long as the desktop app is installed, players won't be able to use the standard launchers provided in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Diablo III.

For more information about the new desktop app, check out the FAQ here. The desktop app can be downloaded here.

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  • BLIZZARD fail...wasted $60 on a crappy D3 game
  • StarBound
    I want to be able to play my games even if my internet dies. Removing the AH and getting back to proper loot drops is step 1. But remove a connection to is a pre-requisit. But I would like to get the collectors edition if it comes with all the standards that a Blizzard CE normally does.
  • michaeliberty
    I'm not buying anything from Blizzard..........
  • falcompsx
    People who think DIablo 3 is a failure, or post that they never want to buy anything from Blizzard should stop saying so. no one cares. If you dont like their games, don't buy or play them. Pretty simple concept.

    That being said, this being posted as news can now be filed along with other breaking news, along with the sky being blue, and fire being hot.
  • kudoshinchi
    suvery said: FREE!!!
  • Pherule
    Where's the Path of Exile news Toms? I sure hope you make a news post on 23 October when the full release is ready.
  • kulmnar
    Blizzard are up to their necks in capitalist greed, constantly trying to leech off players with micro-transactions...removing the auction house is too little too late...when the bots that currently populate the D3 servers leave (due to no auction house), we'll see how many "real" players play this game. Oh and they're at it again, with Hearthstone, now we get to pay for cards...more micro-transactions. Maybe micro-transactions would be fine if the game was free to play...but paying $60 for a game and then paying micro-transactions on top of that is too much. Not to mention the game was designed for consoles to begin with, with mediocre graphics and a skill progression system designed for mental invalids.

    Advice for Blizzard:
    #1 - Have your CEO wear a Darth Vader mask
    #2 - Change name from Blizzard, to Greedzard
  • 06yfz450ridr
    diablo 3 sucks I wasted my money on this crappy game and its still only in dx9 It was fun the first 2 times you beat it but after that its pointless. You can beat the game in like 4 hours with a group of people
  • xaero1ne
    i hate to admit it but i will be getting the CE, as usual, lol
  • kulmnar
    Warning: The NSA (in collaboration with Blizzard) is thumbing down all negative comments ;)