Three Major Licensees Signal Support of Nvidia's Arm Acquisition

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Nvidia is making friends. Broadcom, MediaTek, and Marvell have all reportedly signaled their approval of the company's $40 billion acquisition of Arm as regulators around the world consider the effect it might have on the global electronics industry.

Higher-profile Arm licensees like Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm have publicly objected to Nvidia's proposed acquisition of the company, and it wouldn't be surprising if other Arm licensees have complained about the deal in secret.

UK regulators have also raised concerns about the Arm acquisition. The European Commission and the FTC have reportedly contacted Nvidia about the deal, too, even though it hasn't formally requested their approval. These concerns—along with a late request for approval from Chinese regulators—are likely to delay any verdicts.

But now it seems Nvidia has a few allies. The Sunday Times reported that Arm licensees Broadcom, MediaTek, and Marvell have lent their support to Nvidia, as UK regulators prepare to reach a decision regarding the proposed acquisition.

The companies don't appear to have been particularly vocal about their support; we couldn't find any explanations of their stances on the acquisition on their respective websites. Still, even quiet support from these chip makers could prove valuable to Nvidia.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority has until July 31 to prepare a report on the potential national security and competitive impacts of Nvidia acquiring Arm. The UK Secretary of State will use that report to inform their decision about the deal.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • -Fran-
    If as Companies they don't publicly come forth with the statements, it could just be thirsty execs looking for a better job in the short future.

    Those "behind closed doors" statements are fishy and smell from a mile away. This could may as well be FUD or manipulated truth: the usual "someone from PR commented on an event it wouldn't be so terrible" or something like that.

    I'm sure nVidia is grasping at straws here, so I'm not really buying it.

  • waltc3
    nVidia would ruin ARM, straight up, imo. I will be surprised if nVidia gets the green light.