Bykski Launches Radeon VII Waterblock

Chinese liquid cooling manufacturer Bykski has beaten big names, such as Alphacool and EK Water Blocks to the punch by releasing the world's first full-coverage waterblock for AMD's Radeon VII 7nm gaming graphics card.

(Image credit: Bykski)

The Bykski Radeon VII waterblock (A-Radeon-VII-X) has a full-coverage design that provides direct cooling for the reference model's GPU, memory, and intricate power delivery substem. The waterblock is manufactured from nickel-plated copper and features a transparent acrylic top. The metallic part covers the graphics card's most important components while the acrylic protects the graphics card's entire PCB.

(Image credit: Bykski)

Upon closer examination, the top is equipped with a RGB strip with nine addressable RGB LEDs so you can synchronize it with your motherboard's lighting. In terms of support, the waterblock's lighting solution, called Bykski RBW, is compatible with popular motherboard RGB ecosystems in the likes of ASRock RGB LED, Asus Aura Sync, Mystic Light and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.

(Image credit: Bykski)

According to Bykski, the Radeon VII waterblock flaunts a high water flow design, and it's rated for a thermal conductivity of 401 W/mK (Watts per meter-Kelvin). The top and bottom ports can be configured for parallel or serial setups. The waterblock utilizes standard G1/4 thread fittings. Bykski also noted that the Radeon VII waterblock supports the brand's digital display module that allows real-time temperature monitoing.

The scope of delivery includes the waterblock, two stop fittings, mounting hardware, thermal compound, and a 5v addressable RGB (RBW) cable. The Bykski Radeon VII waterblock is currently up for preorder at the company's website for $139.99. The Chinese manufacturer will start shipping out orders on March 25.

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