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CableMod Launches PET-Based ModMesh Sleeving

Many PC enthusiasts enjoy color-coordinating their builds, and the market is rife with options to let them do so. CableMod fulfills part of this segment by offering builders sleeves in a variety of materials and colors. CableMod’s service proved to be popular, and not too long ago, it launched the Cable Configurator, which allowed users to configure cables by color and length.

CableMod is back again with ModMesh, a PET-based cable sleeving. ModMesh’s PET construction offers more rigidity than CableMod’s traditional ModFlex paracord sleeving, making it ideal for builders who handle their cables frequently. The ModMesh cables are more luminous than Cablemod’s standard ModFlex cables, and even feature some colors that are UV reactive, which is perfect for themed builds.

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CableMod’s offers pre-made ModMesh cable kits in the following colors and power supply models:

Cable SeriesCompatible ModelsColors
C-Series (for Corsair)AXi, HXi, RM, RMi, RMxBlackWhiteRedCarbonBlueLight BlueLight GreenBlack / Blood RedBlack / WhiteBlack / OrangeWhite / RedWhite / Blue
E-Series (for EVGA)G2, P2BlackWhiteRedCarbonBlueLight BlueLight GreenBlack / Blood RedBlack / WhiteBlack / OrangeWhite / RedWhite / Blue

If you don’t own any of the models above, or aren’t satisfied with the pre-made cable kits’ color schemes, CableMod also offers ModMesh in the Cable Configurator.

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