CaseLabs Discontinuing Five Case Models Next Week

CaseLabs has announced that it will be discontinuing five of its SKUs in the beginning of 2016, which leaves you only a few more days to order before the cases are gone for good. The company is phasing out three Mercury and two Magnum models.

CaseLabs took to Facebook to notify its fans that the Mercury S3, S8S and S8 Test Bench along with the Magnum M7A and TX 10 cases will be discontinued in the beginning of January. The company said it will continue to support current owners with replacement parts but orders for new customers will cease on these models.

CaseLabs said it is reducing its product offerings to streamline its inventory. The company noted that it will be launching some new chassis in the new year, but said not to expect direct replacements of the discontinued models. In response to a question about offering another test bench case, CaseLabs stated "possibly in the future."

The five models being phased out will remain available until January 4, 2016. CaseLabs said that replacement parts will be available for at least a year following discontinuation.

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