CeBIT 2008: Gigabyte Offers PSUs with up to 1.2 kW

Gigabyte is expanding its line of power supplies into the Kilowatt range. The ODIN Pro and ODIN GT series now include models offering up to 1000 and 1200 Watts.

1200 Watt PSU of the ODIN GT series

1200 Watt PSU of the ODIN Pro series

All power supplies are SLI certified. A 140mm fan ensures quiet operation. Additionally, all of the units use "Smart Cable Management", i.e. a modular design that lets you remove unneeded cables. In accordance with the ATX specification, they all feature overvoltage and undervoltage protection as well as automatic cut-off when a short-circuit is detected. Gigabyte promises that the capacitors it uses are of very high quality and have a high life expectancy.

1 Kilowatt ODIN GT PSU

800 Watt ODIN Pro PSU

If you leave your system running for extended periods of time, you'll be happy to hear that these CPUs are very efficient. Not only do they come with an 80-plus certification - Gigabyte even promises 85% efficiency.

Adjusting the voltages using the "P-Tuner" utility

The GT series offers some additional functionality over the Pro line. For example, a software tool can monitor the PSU's status, keeping the user informed of the power output, fan speeds and temperature at all times. Even the voltages can be adjusted within certain limits.

Gigabyte at CeBIT 2008: Hall 21/stand C07

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