CES 2007: Aliph's Jawbone headset and Noise Shield sound too good to be true

Las Vegas (NV) - If ever there was a perfect product displayed at a mammoth trade like CES, Aliph's Jawbone might be it. The Bluetooth headset, which is available exclusively for Cingular Wireless customers, uses Aliph's Noise Shield Technology to virtually eliminate background and present clearer conversations. Imagine being able to talk to someone in the middle of the chaotic CES exhibit floor, surrounded by thousands of people, and being able to hear the person as if there were no competing conversations, sound effects and other noise pollution interfering with the call; that's Aliph's message at CES 2007.

According the Aliph, the Jawbone Noise Shield uses an advanced military-grade creates a noise-canceling system that actually measures background noise and sound at the rate 500 times per second to maximize the audio performance. The Noise Shield technology was originally developed by Aliph for DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to improve communications in hostile and noisy environments. And what could be more hostile and noisy than CES?

In addition to the Noise Shield technology, Jawbone also has a proprietary voice activity sensor that resides near the user's jaw - hence the product name Jawbone - that determines precisely when a user is speaking to maximize the sound quality. The product has a small perforated shield that is designed to match the outline of the user's face, and only weighs 14 grams. Jawbone is currently available exclusively at select Cingular Wireless retail stores nationwide for $120 and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled handsets.

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  • bf2gameplaya
    Perhaps now people will not raise their voices when they talk on cell phones.

    Who am I kidding...there's just as much chance as the moon falling from the sky.