Winter Update Arrives To 'Civilization VI,' Poland And Viking DLC Also Available

A new update for Civilization VI is out today, and it adds some new features to existing mechanics, re-tuning of the game AI, and, as usual, more bug fixes. Two new batches of downloadable content (DLC) are also available for purchase.

The Winter Update comes a month after the Fall Update, which included the ability to play the game with the DirectX 12 API if you had an Nvidia Maxwell-based GPU or higher. In terms of new features, this latest update adds a Standard-size Earth Map as well as a Scenario setup screen within the Single Player menu. For in-game additions, you can now replay Wonder completion movies so that you can see your magnificent creations rise from the ground again and again. There’s also the ability to give “sleeping” units an Alert action so they can notify you if an enemy approaches their position.

As far as updates are concerned, your religious units now have the option to “Fortify Until Healed,” which should help them last longer in your converting crusades. If you’re performing a Coastal Raid against a city, there’s now an option to pillage the surrounding districts. Firaxis also eliminated the spawn of Great Admirals on Wonders erected on water tiles as this sometimes stranded the valuable unit in a lake. For the rest of the changes in the update, take a look at its page on the game’s website.

If you’re looking to spend more money on the game, there’s also some new premium content available, such as the “Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack.” This gives you access to the Polish faction, which has a few unique traits of its own, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

The package also includes a scenario that gives you 60 turns to defend Poland, Prague, and Vienna from invading armies. The other new DLC is the “Vikings Scenario Pack,” which gives you 100 turns to play as one of three Viking leaders (Harald Hardrada from Norway, Danish king Canute, or Olof Skotkonung of Sweden). The pack also includes three Natural Wonders and six new City-States.

You won’t have to pay too much for both packs as they cost $4.99 each. These are the first batches of paid DLC coming to the game, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be the last.

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  • michalmierzwa
    Firaxis should focus on fixing the AI and diplomacy first as these are by far most broken systems in Civilization 6. DLC's are great addition, just fix everything else.