DirectX 12 Support, New Content Come To 'Civilization VI' With Fall Update

In case you missed it, Firaxis released its “Fall Update” for Civilization VI. Headlined by the addition of DirectX 12 support, it also includes new content, UI improvements, and overall fixes.

There is a catch to using DirectX 12, however, for Nvidia GPUs. The API only works on Maxwell-series cards or later. Regardless of your GPU allegiance, be sure to update to the latest drivers. Logitech ARX support is also available with the update, which means that you can get additional information from the game through the company’s app on your smartphone.

In terms of new content, there are two additional balanced maps available for four and six players. There’s also a new scenario called “Cavalry and Cannonades,” wherein the goal is to obtain the most territory. The combat-based scenario has reduced maintenance costs for units and doesn't have strategic resource requirements for building additional troops. At the beginning of the game, you have a larger army at your disposal as well as more technology milestones researched so you can focus on building the right soldiers for the fight. You’ll have 50 turns to complete the scenario.

The update also includes a plethora of updates such as the ability to rename cities and an additional “time defeat” if you fail to beat the game before the final year. (You can turn off this defeat if you disable the Score Victory setting.)

Barring any major issues, this will be the last major update we’ll see to Civilization VI for the next month or two. Based on the name of the update, however, we might be able to expect to get one of these larger patches on a regular basis over the next year. Check out our thoughts on an early build of the game we played before its release for more info on the game.

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NameCivilization VI
DeveloperFiraxis Games
Publisher2K Games
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Release DateOctober 21
  • Tom Griffin
    Wonder if the DX12 support is a 'Hackenstein' with feature creep.
  • alextheblue
    18885808 said:
    Wonder if the DX12 support is a 'Hackenstein' with feature creep.

    Hopefully the DX12 renderpath has roughly the same featureset and yields improved performance on most GCN-based cards, Pascal, and probably Maxwell. The lack of support for their DX12 path on Kepler and earlier isn't a big loss because they aren't likely to make any real gains over DX11 on those chips.
  • Pascal and Maxwell do support DX12 it just happens that AMD drivers suck.
  • alextheblue
    18890801 said:
    Pascal and Maxwell do support DX12 it just happens that AMD drivers suck.

    Nobody said they didn't support DX12. Civ VI doesn't support DX12 yet. We're talking about how they're adding DX12 to Civ VI, and it will work on Pascal and Maxwell. What does AMD's drivers have to do with anything? Besides, Nvidia drivers have had their fair share of issues. I've dealt with about the same amount of problems from both firms drivers in recent years. Maybe fanboys have a tendency to ignore issues present in one camp or the other, probably doesn't help that Nvidia tends to avoid publishing known issues.
  • wifiburger
    pahaha, direct x 12 sheesh it's getting old, stop beating a dead horse with a stick microsoft !

    you would think by now they would try to sell you the next scam 'directx 13' but it's kinda late with all the open standards that perform better and are not tied in to their garbage ecosystem of lies and deceptions !