Clean Yourself With Vista SP1 Toilet Paper

Tokyo (Japan) - If there is one place in the world that any gadget-electronic freak should go to, that is Akihabara district in Tokyo. Numerous stores bring on fascinating number of products, often first in the world. There are also products which are not so usual, nor you can find them in retail or e-tail in western world.

One of these unavailable products is Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 Toilet edition. Yes, you've read it correctly. If Vista is leaving a aftermouth taste like a crappy burger in *insert the name of franchise you hate the most*, you can always clean yourself with this appropriate piece of paper.

Service Pack 1 for Vista Ultimate Edition is an elite piece,
three-layer toilet paper that will leave that comfortable feeling. In
order to improve the experience, unnamed Japanese maker also printed
the list of all new Vista features. Sadly for us westerners, the list
of features is listed in Japanese kanji, and calling translators from
AltaVista or Google will hardly help.

If you're interested in acquiring such a brilliant piece of (toilet)
paper, only thing you need is to visit T-Zone store, either in person or on We thank PC Hotline! for the pictures.