Codemasters' 'F1 2016' Arrives This Summer

The developers at Codemasters have been busy over the past few months. Last December, the team released the final version of Dirt Rally on Steam, and last month, the same game came out on consoles. But it seems that there’s no rest for the popular racing game developers, as they announced the new F1 2016.

In terms of the game’s career mode, you start by choosing an avatar, a number for your car, and a helmet (you can customize the helmet with different colors). After that, you will need to pick from the full roster of F1 teams (each team has its own goals and expectations for you) and start clawing your way to the winner’s circle.

In addition to the first steps in your F1 racing career, Codemasters added more features to your championship campaign. The new hospitality areas serve as the main hub for career mode, and you can talk to your Player Agent as well as the Research and Development Engineer in order to rise to fame and upgrade your car. You’ll undergo a series of trials, such as track acclimation and tires tests. Both tests allow you to get a better idea of the current track for the race while also gaining Research and Development points to upgrade your cars’ traits.

On the racetrack, Codemasters brought back the Safety Car feature, but it’s also introducing the Virtual Safety Car to add to the game’s realism. As a final treat, the developers introduced a new track, specifically a street circuit in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan.

The studio didn’t provide an exact date for the game’s release, but it did say that it would arrive at some point this summer. With E3 coming in a few weeks, the developers might show it off at the big gaming show before it arrives on PC and consoles (Amazon says it's coming out on August 16).

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NameF1 2016
Release DateSummer 2016
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Where To BuyAmazon

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