Computex 2018: Highlights From Day 1

Computex 2018 is here, and following a bunch of flights across numerous time zones, Tom's Hardware is ready to bring you all the latest news from Taipei. Companies are setting up their booths, hosting their parties, and setting up back room meetings to discuss their latest-and-greatest products, and we're going to be taking in as much information about all the shiny new toys (and the local cuisine) as we can all week long.

Asus Gets TUF With Gamers

Asus wants to appeal to gamers wherever they play, whether it's with their desktop, laptop, or smartphone. That's right: Asus revealed a new ROG phone that's supposed to offer a high-quality gaming experience in a device that fits in your pocket. The company also showed off a new case, mouse, keyboard, and gaming headset for people looking to update their main rig, as well as new Hero II and Scar II gaming laptops for people looking for something in between those two extremes. Oh, and it also announced a beast of a PSU that delivers up to 1,200W with ease.

You'll Have To Wait For Nvidia's New GPUs

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang took to the stage at Computex to break every gamer's heart. Despite rumors indicating that the company's next generation of GPUs would arrive in July, Huang said in a keynote address that the company won't make any announcements on that front until "a long time from now." It wasn't all bad news, though, because Nvidia also revealed new Xavier processors and other AI-related technologies.

Meet Some New Storage, Memory, And Gaming Products

It wouldn't be a Computex without new component, peripheral, and system announcements. Asus wasn't the only company to reveal new products as Computex started in earnest, and if past conferences are any indicator, plenty of products will be shown off before the end of the week. Here's what we've covered so far:

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Nathaniel Mott
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