Don't Hide Your PSU Cables, RGB Them With Lian Li's Strimer RGB

Here at Computex 2018 Lian Li just announced the "world's first" RGB power supply extension cable, the Strimer RGB, which is really more of an RGB fiber optic overlay held on by strategically placed cable combs to look like 24 lit wires going to your motherboard's 24-pin header.

Lest you think this is an April Fool's prank, remember that April was two months ago and that this is Computex, where companies bring serious products. Lian Li's prototype earned an iF Design and Innovation Award from the same company that recognized such products as the Kumho ECSTA P971 tire, Samsung's MultiXpress 7 printer, and the Cooler Master Sphere CPU cooler that revolutionized the PC industry in 2007.

"Lian Li is pleased to receive the [D&I] award for the Strimer cable LED," the company said. "It’s a significant achievement to be recognized as one of the leaders in design and innovation and greatly shows how much Lian Li has put into the product."

With the Strimer, Lian Li includes a PCI bracket with built-in controls for 10 lighting effects for legacy systems. The product works best with your motherboard's 3-pin, software-defined, lighting effects engine to match your RGB case fans, memory, keyboards, mice, SSDs, speakers, and more. As much as we all like to make fun of the plethora of RGB accessories coming to market, industry insiders tell us that the sales are phenomenal. Combine those strong sales with an abundance of cheap diodes and you can see that this trend is just starting to take flight.

The Strimer RGB was co-developed with world-famous overclocker DER8AUER, a man whose prolonged exposure to RGB radiation has probably given him problems spelling his own name. There's no word on pricing, but can you really put a price on making the ultimate rainbow warrior enthusiast desktop system? We don't think so, and with more RGB products sure to debut soon, you might as well embrace the rainbow.

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  • Vatharian
  • nitrium
    247226 said:

    Who knows? Lighting up the inside of your PC like a gaudy christmas tree is ultra tacky imo. I like my PC interiors to be as clean and free of pointless components/wires/lights etc as much as possible. But each to their own - I guess there must be a market for this stuff.
  • Assmar
    Why anything, dude? Personal taste, obviously. This might not be my style, but there's definitely a market for anything LED/PC related these days.