Cool Age Debuts Two New 6-Pipe Heatsinks

Tucked away in a small booth at COMPUTEX 2010 was Cool Age Cooling Systems, a South Korean cooling solution manufacturer with two new products up its figurative sleeve.

Both the Z120 Aero and Z120 Wing are mostly similar. They are both heatsink assemblies featuring six heatpipes. The configuration—while not new—is currently the subject of a patent application, according to company reps. More pipes make for a denser construction, but there were still some thin aluminum inserts between each pipe.

That's where the similarities end. The Z120 Aero features the same "Wind tunnel" technology of Cool Age's X120TF, which was tested by Tom's Hardware Germany (Google Translate link) last year. The aluminum plates of the Aero feature hexagonal ribbing, which is supposed to provide more contact with the air for better heat conduction.

Compared to the Aero, the Wing uses the typical flat plate configuration most enthusiasts are familiar with. Cool Age reps promised to get back to us with specific availability info, but at least they were able to provide estimated market prices of $55 for the Aero, and $50 for the Wing.

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  • pbrigido
    I wish they would make an all copper version.
  • zorky9
    I like their products, but I don't get it. This configuration has been widely used the past few years and Cool Age was not the first to implement it. Potential patent troll?
  • Pei-chen
    Anything over the $20 Cooler Master Hyper 212 is overkill. You'll be spending 2x-3x times the money to get a slight performance increase.