Cooler Master Preps 1100W Passive Power Supply

Cooler Master X-Silent 1100W PSU
(Image credit: Cowcotland)

Cooler Master is preparing a mighty, powerful, passive PSU. Cowcotland saw Cooler Master’s 1100W monster (h/t FanlessTech) and shared a video with views of it inside and out. If this power supply reaches retail, it will make quite an impression. The next most powerful passive fanless PSU commonly available is probably a 700W model from SilverStone, which retails for about $310.

French Tech site Cowcotland is on a tour of Taiwan to celebrate 20 years in publishing. It visited the Cooler Master HQ in Taipei and got some eyes-on and hands-on time with various PC tech goodies. At around three minutes into the video, our Gallic host begins to ponder over some new Cooler Master X-Silent PSU models, which include fanless and silent designs. He is initially taken aback by the raw wattage on offer from the new X-Silent models. He picks one up and says it is rated at 800W before quickly correcting himself with the correct figure – 1100W.

In a brief analysis of the PSU in hand, Cowcotland’s expert explains that the 1100W rating is supported by hardware connected to “heatsinks that are absolutely huge.” It is also noted that a large heat dissipation module forming the whole back of the PSU case is made from a substantial aluminum block. Centrally embedded in this aluminum is a square copper block threaded with multiple fat heat pipes (probably 8 or 10mm in diameter).

(Image credit: Cowcotland)

Cooler Master is also preparing to launch some semi-passive PSUs into the X-Silent family. In the video, we can see one such device, the X-Silent 1300. The PSU’s reputedly quiet fan is shown on top of the product to make it clear it is a semi-passive design. On the same shelf, we see an X-Mighty design offering 2000W, which may again be semi-passive with a 220mm fan; we aren’t sure about this specification from the video commentary.

Also noteworthy in the video is Cooler Master’s latest attempt at refining the 12VHPWR power connector, a hot news topic that is trending yet again.

The most potent passive PSU we reviewed at Tom’s Hardware is the Seasonic Prime Titanium Fanless 600W. However, the newer and more powerful SilverStone NightJar 700 may be the current king of this hill.

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