Cooler Master Launches MM830 Mouse with D-Pad and OLED Display

Cooler Master has launched its new MM830 gaming mouse, featuring an OLED display but also an integrated D-pad. It's available for $79.99

Both the OLED display and the D-pad are located on the MM830’s right, with the former near the front of the mice and the latter in place of standard thumb macros, on top of the textured side grip. The company suggests that this will be effective for MMO players that need extra macro buttons.

The OLED display, measuring in at 96x24 pixels, can be customized to display different bits of information, from just custom text and images to DPI and profiles settings or even statistics like RAM and CPU usage. These settings, along with macro customization and effects for the quad RGB lighting zones on the MM830, can be customized in the Cooler Master portal.

The MM830 is equipped with the Pixart 3360 sensor, capable of up to 24,000 DPI. Cooler Master have also boasted about the mouse’s durability, with a PBT chassis, Omron switches for the left and right click, as well as a Japanese ALPS encoder in the scroll wheel for improved accuracy and reduced jamming and stickiness. However, this has also added considerable heft to the mouse, which weighs in at 122g (without cable, 162g with cable.)

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Cooler Master MM830
SensorPixart 3360
Resolution100 - 24000 DPI
Polling Rate1000Hz
Lighting4-Zone RGB
SoftwareCooler Master Portal
Cable1.8m, Braided
Dimensions (WxHxD)82.2 x 130.1 x 43.4 mm
Weight122g w/o cable, 162g w cable
Price$79.99 USD
  • comedichistorian
    Unless I'm just completely clueless and missing something....this article is missing a picture of the D-Pad?
  • comedichistorian
    Actually, it's missing a picture of both and we know this because it says "Both the OLED display and the D-pad are located on the MM830’s right" - ironically enough the word "side" is missing as well lol.
  • cryoburner
    The D-Pad and OLED display are right there in the photo. The screen is what's displaying the Cooler Master Logo and the words "Make It Yours" while the D-Pad is integrated into the textured grip. It's sort of an elongated D-pad though, with the rear button further back then would be expected on a typical D-Pad. Really, it seems to just be four buttons that happen to be connected, more than anything. The article does describe it as being on the right, but I guess it could be argued that it's on the right when looking at it from the other side. : P