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Cooler Master Brings RGB to a Dual-Sided Mouse Pad

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With this latest RGB product from Cooler Master, it seems that eventually people who complain about companies adding RGB lighting to every product they sell will eventually be viewed as the out-of-touch, wrinkling their noses at computers, smartphones and every other technological advancement with RGB. Cooler Master continued efforts to usher in that new era with the Masteraccessory MP860 dual-sided mouse pad and the multi-colored LEDs that surround its casing.

The MP860 measures roughly 10.2 inches wide and 11.2 inches long. Its height varies from the top, which measures about 0.4 inch, to about 0.2 inch at the bottom to accommodate the parts needed to enable its RGB lighting (more on that in a bit). That's larger than a lot of mouse pads, but it's certainly not the biggest one available. That in-between sizing could help the MP860 appeal to people with limited--but not minuscule--desk space.

Others could be drawn to the MP860's dual-sided nature. One side features cloth, the other aluminum, and Cooler Master claimed gamers might want to switch between the surfaces as needed. The cloth side is apparently for "speedy mouse action," whereas the aluminum side is for "high precision and control." Games that require lots of flailing around might favor the cloth side; the aluminum side could better suit aim-intensive titles.

No matter which side you choose, your mouse pad is going to be surrounded by glowing lights. Cooler Master said the MP860 features 19 LEDs capable of producing 16.7 million colors. Various animations and transitions are available, including everything from the standard "wave" to the more boring "static" option. And, naturally, Cooler Master said you'll be able to sync up the MP860's lighting with "selected Cooler Master peripherals."

According to Cooler Master, the Masteraccessory MP860 will be available on Amazon and Newegg for $70, although links are seemingly not available yet. It's covered by a two-year warranty, which means it should be able to stick around long enough to witness the coming of the bright new era. In the meantime, anyone confused about the popularity of these products should have time to buy a cane to shake at the sky. They might want to hurry, though, before those also succumb to the RGB trend.