23 of the Coolest (and Strangest) RGB Lighting Products

RGB Gone Wild

In the PC space, RGB is everywhere. Your cooling fans can breathe color into your hardware. Your case can dress your PC in a spectrum of luminescent style. Your fingers can dance across a keyboard that changes colors like a club floor. You can turn your mouse from a piece of mobile plastic to a small light show and even your headphones can change colors to the beat of your drums. But RGB’s relentless takeover hasn’t ended there.

Nowadays, we’re seeing custom lighting capabilities on the most unexpected components, gaming gear, house décor, party favors and more. Here are 22 unexpected ways to taste the rainbow.

Credit: Amazon

Wrinkle-Fighting RGB Mask

If healthy eating, sunscreen, exercise, water and good karma haven’t done enough to keep your skin looking great, maybe multi-colored lights will? That’s the idea behind this light therapy face mask that emits “seven different light colors to treat a myriad of skin problems.” Have wrinkles? Scars? Need a collagen boost? This mask claims to have you covered. And if it doesn’t actually work, it could at least cover up your facial flaws, although the mask look is probably much more disturbing. 

Credit: Amazon

Head-to-Toe Fashion

Forget fashion forward, we’re going for fashion from the future with our RGB wear. Start with your hair by clipping in some RGB hair extensions, keep your cool with an RGB sweatband, or opt for this headband that gives you an RGB mohawk. Then, keep the fun going with an RGB-dotted onesie (yes, I said onesie) and wrap things up with these nifty shoelaces. And if none of these do the RGB trick for you, here’s how to make RGB clothing on all on your own.

Credit: Amazon

Gamdias Achilles Gaming Chair

This gaming chair has all the padding and comforts you’d expect as a gamer, but with an added bonus: RGB customizable streaming lighting. After hours of gaming you might forget that the chair has this feature, since it’s only visible on the back. But everyone else in the room will certainly take notice.

Credit: Gamdias

Razer Mug Holder

This mug holder (aka coaster) lights up colorfully when you place your drink on top of it. No, it won’t keep your mug warm or cold, but it will blink to inform you that it’s time to drink, just in case your natural salivary glands are slacking. Notably, you can’t buy this product. If you want your chance at Razer’s limited supply, you’ll have to earn one via zSilver.

Credit: Razer

Thermaltake Standing Desk

We discovered this gem at Computex this year. While still in the concept stage, this RGB-boosted, hydraulics-equipped display is supposed to be available around the end of this year. Luckily for RGB lovers, standing desks should be more than mainstream by then (although we can’t make any promises about rainbow desks). 

Credit: Tom's Hardware


All black everything? Not in my RGB house. If you want to bring rainbow influence into your living room, there’s a bunch of different color-studded furniture you can buy, including Lumens’ sofas, lounge chairs, and planters and this coffee table, available from Etsy. Granted that last one is $6,000, but it looks like it’s literally being eaten by magma, both from Earth (red) and some alien planet (blue and green).

Credit: Etsy

Inflatable Photo Booth

RGB furniture not enough for you? What about an entire RGB room? Amazon has a number of inflatable RGB photo booths available that you can use for your next party, photo shoot, or some personal polychromatic time. Makers include Happybuy and Stagebooth, but this one from Sayok is our favorite thanks to its over-the-top, detachable string curtains.

Credit: Amazon

Graphics Card Backplate

These backplates give your GPU the effect of having RGB lighting without needing bulbs. This Etsy user creates backplates with a colored acrylic inscription of your choosing. When activated the GPU’s natural light will pop through the color, giving a purple, blue - or whatever color you choose - glow. The seller will make any logo or design, but pictured examples includes a peaceful purple tree and an ice blue bird that looks suspiciously like Articuno.

P.S. You can also get the same thing for SSDs.

Credit: Etsy

Dog Leash

If walking your dog isn’t exciting enough, you probably aren’t walking a Pitbull or Shitzu with a Napoleon complex like I do. So if you need to liven up those daily walks, try an RGB dog leash. You can choose whether it displays a long light or slow flashing light. Dogs are color blind, so your pet may not care, but your neighbors will certainly take notice.

Credit: Amazon


Want a completely inaccurate depiction of your appearance when gazing into a mirror? Then you’ll want to mount this bad boy. It’s LED lights range in color and cycle through pre-programmed animations. It also comes with a remote, which basically means you can use it as your nightlight or disco ball too.

Credit: Etsy

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