First Coolers for AMD's AM5 and SP5 CPUs Spotted

(Image credit: CoolServer)

CoolServer, a Chinese maker of coolers for servers and workstations, has begun to list its coolers for AMD's next-generation Raphael processors in AM5 packages as well as next-generation Genoa processors in SP5 packages (via @9550pro). The cooling systems are rated for up to 240W AM5 CPUs as well as for up to 400W SP5 processors. As the name of the company suggests, the coolers are aimed at servers.

AMD's upcoming AM5 and SP5 form-factors will bring several major enhancements, including support for DDR5 memory and higher thermal design power for next-generation CPUs: the LGA1700 (well, LGA1718) AM5 will support TDPs of up to 170W, whereas the SP5 (LGA6096) is set to support TDP of up to 700W albeit for 1ms. We can speculate that both form-factors will eventually be used for CPUs supporting PCIe Gen 5, though Raphael CPUs are not expected to support PCIe 5.0.

CoolServer currently lists five coolers for AMD's AM5 processors that are designed for rack servers as well as one cooling system that is rated for 240W and could be used both for 4U machines as well as for towers. Three out of five coolers are passive (V1, V3, V4), one is designed for high-density servers and has a high-pressure fan (1U3C) that can spin at up to 6600 RPM, the 4U model has five heat pipes and one fan that rotates at up to 3800 RPM (4U-R21).

The company's lineup of SP5 coolers for EPYC 'Genoa' CPUs currently contains four models: two passive SKUs and two equipped with fans. The most powerful one designed for 4U machines and CPUs that dissipate up to 400W — the 4U-S42 — has six heat pipes and a fan that spins at up to 3800 RPM. Others are aimed at 1U and 2U machines. Depending on the model, they can support processors with a 300W, 320W, or 400W TDP.

CoolServer does not disclose when exactly it plans to launch its coolers for AMD's AM5 and SP5 platforms, but it is reasonable to expect the units to emerge around the time the appropriate CPUs hit the market. Pricing is something that remains to be seen.  

Anton Shilov
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