Corsair Launches 192GB DDR4 RAM Kits Starting at $1,585

Corsair has quietly added four new 192GB hexa-channel DDR4 memory kits to its Vengeance LPX product line. The speeds range from DDR4-2666 to DDR4-4000, while pricing starts at $1,585 (£1,455) and goes all the way up to $3,000 (£2,750).

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Corsair's latest hexa-channel Vengeance LPX memory kits are specifically designed for Intel's Xeon W-3175X overclockable processor. At the moment, only Asus' ginormous ROG Dominus Extreme motherboard is capable of housing the chipmaker's 28-core beast and memory kits with 192GB capacity.

Each kit is made up of 12 memory modules with 16GB capacity. They are manufactured with an eight-layer PCB and cooled by a low-profile pure aluminum heatspreader. A pair of Vengeance Airflow memory cooler, included in each kit, provides additional cooling. Corsair offers its 192GB Vengeance LPX memory kits in the color black. 

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FrequencyCL TimingVoltageKit CapacityMSRP (USD)MSRP (GBP)

The DDR4-2666 kit is the only kit that runs with 1.20V (the rest operate at 1.35V). Its timings are set at CL21-26-26-54. It's the most affordable kit, at $1,585 (£1455).

The DDR4-3200 kit is rated with timings of CL16-18-18-36 and costs $1,720 (£1,580).

The higher-clocked DDR4-3600 kit has slightly more loose timings configured at CL18-19-19-39. The price for the DDR4-3600 kit is set at $2,320 (£2,130). 

Last but not least, the DDR4-4000 kit has CL19-23-23-45 timings and carry an eye-watering $3,000 (£2,750) price tag.

The Vengeance LPX memory kits come with XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) 2.0 support for an easy and painless setup. Corsair also backs its memory kits limited lifetime warranty.

Interested consumers can pick up the 192GB Vengeance LPX memory kits directly from Corsair's eStore. The DDR4-2666, DDR4-3200 and DDR4-3600 memory kits are available for purchase now, but the highest-clocked DDR4-4000 kit isn't in stock yet.

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