Corsair Buys Origin PC, Setting Sail for Boutique Desktop Dominance

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair, the gaming peripheral and component company, has acquired the custom computer builder Origin PC. Wednesday’s announcement marks the merging of two companies with a shared focus on PC gaming. 

“With the gaming PC market continuing to expand as an increasing number of players make the jump from console to PC, we wanted to do more to reach customers in North America that prefer to buy, rather than build, their system,” Andy Paul, the founder and CEO of Corsair, said in a written statement.

Origin PC, based in Miami, Florida, will continue to operate as a separate brand within Corsair, leaving intact its warranties and support. However, the company will begin to integrate more Corsair products within its builds, including the addition of the iCue software for system-wide lighting synchronization.

 “With Origin PC’s expertise in personalized custom gaming systems and Corsair’s strength in performance PC hardware and the iCue software ecosystem, we’re excited to combine our efforts to create new world-class gaming experiences for PC gamers,” Paul said. 

Corsair was founded in 1994 and focused on producing DRAM, before expanding its products to include peripherals such as gaming mice, keyboards and headsets. 

Origin PC was founded in 2009 by former employees of Alienware, now a PC gaming subsidiary of Dell. The company is known for customizing laptops and desktops for gamers, creative professionals and others seeking high-performance PCs. If you're in the market for something from Origin PC, don't forget to check out our list of Origin PC promo codes.

  • mdd1963
    So we can assume a Corsair case, Corsair PSU, and Corsair RAM....

    As not everyone likes ordering parts, building their own, etc., I can understand where system makers can profit a couple hundred dollars per system....

    It's the Alienware rigs that are overpriced by at least $2000 or that I find funny! :)

    (Like a 'Gaming' 9980XE or 'Gaming' TR2990X, etc...)