Corsair Celebrates 10M PSUs Sold In 10 Years With Special Edition RM1000i

Corsair released a special edition RM1000i unit to celebrate selling 10 million PSUs throughout the decade it's spent in the market.

The Corsair RM1000i Special Edition features a white LED-lit cooling FDB fan with 120mm diameter, a white paint job, and individually sleeved white cables. Only 100 of these PSUs will be built, and Corsair said the device is meant to let enthusiasts own a unique piece of its history. The RM1000i is a high performance PSU, but we have to admit we'd rather see a special version of the AX1500i model, which outperforms its competitors despite its age.

The limited number of RM1000i Special Edition units, which cost $200, will be available exclusively from the CORSAIR website.

Ten Million PSUs Sold By The Numbers

Selling 10 million PSUs means huge power. CORSAIR has crunched the numbers to visualize this landmark, and according to its calculations, with every unit at full load, 10 million PSUs could output more than 650 Megawatts. That's enough to power three Nimitz class aircraft carriers. In addition, the combined length of all the cabling from those PSUs is enough to fully circle the globe with 4,000 miles to spare. And the weight of those devices? It's equivalent to four Eiffel Towers, 113 Statues of Liberty, or 10,000 Asian elephants.

CORSAIR Premium Modular Cables for RMi, RMx and SF Series

The company also released several sets of individually sleeved cables for the RMi, RMx and SF series PSUs. The Type 4 (Generation 3) cables are available in a wide variety of color options, including, for the first time, dual-color cables. Enthusiasts can choose from red, black, white, blue, red/black, blue/black, or white/black cable sets to easily match their system’s theme and design. Triple-layer mesh paracord sleeving is extremely flexible for easy cable management, while integrated in-line capacitors on the 24-pin ATX, 8-pin EPS, and all PCIe cables ensure optimum electrical performance for your PC. Corsair didn't want to sacrifice any ripple suppression performance so it took the tough road by installing in-line caps on these cables.

Corsair Premium PSU cables are available in three different kit sizes. The fully-loaded Pro Package includes individually sleeved 24-pin, two EPS12V 4+4pin, two PCIe 6+2 dual connector, two PCIe 6+2 single connector, two 4x SATA, and two 4x peripheral power cables. The Starter Package offers an essential selection of individually sleeved 24-pin, EPS12V 4+4pin, and two PCIe 6+2 single connector cables, while the full range of CORSAIR Premium PSU cables is also available individually. Finally, both the Pro and Starter packages include specially engineered cable combs.

The full range of Corsair Premium PSU cables will be available in early December from the worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors, as well as directly from Corsair's web store.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • alidan
    could definitely use a new psu, maybe not one that powerful but would still be nice to get as it cuts out some cost of my next computer
  • alidan
    18946700 said:
    what is the switch above the LED for?
    what is the usb port below the LED for?
    what is the plug jack below the usb port for?
    uncool story bro, you didn't even go thru the options.

    I just assume the thing lights up and the switch changes a few presets,
    usb possibly is for monitoring the power, or for setting your own usb custom color...

    beyond that no clue

    oh, the jack below looked like a molex.
  • mras
    It's a standard Corsair RM*i unit, meaning, that;
    The PSU fan runs at 0 RPM at low usage of the PSU.
    The button is there for you to test if the fan actual does work, even it keeps running in 0rpm mode.
    The MicroUSB and the 4plug port, is for communicating with the PSU, where you can get information about like load level, voltage level etc.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Will have mine Monday can't wait!