Corsair Launches Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque DDR4 Memory

Corsair announced the immediate availability of its new DOMINATOR PLATINUM Special Edition Torque DDR4 memory. Aside from being hand screened for added quality assurance and overclocking headroom, each kit features custom 10-layer PCB with a built in aluminum heat-spreader. What’s more, each module features a uniquely heat-treated effect top bar that the company believes lends these new memory modules the "aesthetic of high-performance engines."

(Fun fact: While the rainbow color effect is in some ways cool looking, in collector car / muscle car / motorcycle enthusiast circles, bluing is an extremely undesirable effect caused by extremely high heat on poor quality stainless steel and chrome exhaust systems. There are dozens of polishing compounds on the market today to help remove the bluing caused by heat discoloration.)

These new memory modules are compatible with the latest Intel X99 and 200-series motherboards and, according to the company, can be safely overclocked to at least 3,600MHz. Corsair has individually numbered each module kit using high precision laser engraving for added exclusivity. The Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque memory come in 2 x 16GB dual-module kits at 3,200 MHz with 14-16-16-36 timings. Built-in XMP 2.0 support makes it easy to set them up to run at the correct frequencies and timing.

Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque is available exclusively from the Corsair webstore in the United States, UK, and Germany, and Corsair backs it with a limited lifetime warranty and its worldwide customer support network.

Memory Type
Memory Series
Dominator Platinum
Memory Size
32GB Kit (2 x 16GB)
Tested Speed
3,200 MHz
Tested Latency
Tested Voltage
Memory Configuration
Dual / Quad Channel
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  • jaber2
    "heat-treated effect" is the best feature I think
  • Jonathan_168
    Wonder if this will run full speed on MSI titanium x370...
  • BaRoMeTrIc
    No it won't run at speed on Ryzen it is dual rank not designed for Ryzen. Not until am4 updates to accept dual rank at designed speeds.