Corsair Shows New Energy Efficient and Quiet PSU Line

In need of a quiet, energy-efficient power supply for that new build ? Announced today, Corsair brings you a new line of economical, quiet, energy-efficient desktop computer power supply units – dubbed Corsair Power.

The new line is to deliver unprecedented features at an affordable price point. Building on large success of previous units, such as the HX1000W, the new Power series was developed with same extensive engineering and rigorous testing. Initially available at 400W (CX400W), the unit features a large number of connectors designed for vast compatibility with today’s PCs. All cables are sleeved and extra long which will prove useful to those of you with the really large cases available out there.

Quoting the vice president of Corsair Marketing : “Corsair is very proud to announce an entirely new product line for builders with lower power requirements. With the first product in the Power series, the CX400W, system builders who don’t need high-wattage power supplies finally have an inexpensive and high-quality solution.”

Due to the energy-efficient design of the CX400W and its Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuitry, the unit is capable of delivering greater than 80 percent efficiency ratings. This allows the CX400W to run extremely cool and use very little energy – thus reducing operating costs as well.

The new CX400W, CMPSU-400CX, is available right now through Corsair’s world-wide authorized dealer channel – MSRP of $59.99 USD. All Power Series units are backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty complete with customer support via telephone, email, forum and Tech Support Xpress.

  • t0rri
    too expensive, and 400 is to little.
    i have the great hx520 nearly a year and i already feel i need an upgrade.
    i want 4870X2 and i don't think my psu would support it.
  • Pixels303
    Without a PSU which is capable of making a vacuum to remove all the hot air inside your computer, components overheat and prematurely fail. Quiet likely means less air flow. 400W is not enough most cases. 80% is Standard, nothing new. Company invent something, get lazy with manufacturing only to later re-release the very same "Old" technology claiming that it is new and improved. Looks like this to me.
  • RiotSniperX
    pixels30380% is Standard
    agreed, the HX1000w runs at 80% efficiency. (according to newegg)
  • Gamer-girl
    really large case and a 400w power supply...hmm