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Are you considering building a new gaming rig, or a PC capable of some serious graphical power for productivity work? One of the parts you'll need is a PSU, and If you're not reusing a power supply from a previous build or the power requirements aren't up to scratch, you'll be looking for a good value alternative. 

Thanks to a price discount over at Newegg, you can get your hands on a Corsair SF1000L modular power supply for $149. This is the lowest price this PSU has been as far as I can tell and is a terrific price for a powerful 1000-watt power supply, and shouldn't have any problem providing enough power and connectivity for all the parts in your PC build. 

One of the first things of note about Corsair's SF1000L is that it uses a smaller form factor, which makes it an ideal choice for use in smaller builds or tightly compacted systems where space is at a premium, with the PSU only measuring 130mm in length. It's also compatible with ATX / ATX 3.0 builds and the current PCIe 5.0 requirements. 

Corsair SF1000L Power Supply: now $149 at Newegg

Corsair SF1000L Power Supply: now $149 at Newegg (was $179)
The Corsair SF1000L PSU is a fully modular small form-factor power supply that's  ATX / ATX 3.0 compatible. This PSU is also PCIe 5.0 compliant and contains a low noise 120mm PWM fan that can run in zero RPM mode for near silent operation.  The Corsair SF1000L is rated 80-PLUS Gold efficiency. 

There's plenty of connectivity available and the SF1000L comes with a plethora of supplied cables that you can connect modularly depending on the needs of the system. For the PCIe connections you have 3 x 6+2-pin connections, giving you plenty to power those massive graphics cards. Helping to regulate your power flow are some 105°C-rated Japanese electrolytic capacitors.

Cooling is provided by a 120mm rifle-bearing PWM fan, that operates in a zero RPM fan mode for near-silent operation at lower loads, so when you're just browsing away, this should help to keep your PSU from adding to the combined noise output from your PC. 

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  • derekullo
    SFF .... 1000 watts

    This sounds like a toaster!
  • HaninTH
    derekullo said:
    SFF .... 1000 watts

    This sounds like a toaster!
    This thing also doesn't have any of those new fangled 12VHPWR/12V-2x6 ports on it. At least, judging by the provided pictures.

    Nevermind! I didn't realize the 4 additional pins were only on the device side. I obviously need to be reeducated on this new power connector before upgraydding on my next desktop refresh.