Corsair's 4TB MP600 Core XT M.2 SSD Back to $159 Low: Real Deals

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Back down in price and matching its previous all-time low, the Corsair MP600 Core XT 4TB SSD is on sale at Amazon for just $159. With its original price being around $316 the Corsair MP600 has been more recently selling for $190, so it's brilliant to see the price drop back to the $159 low. 

A mid-range Gen 4 SSD, the Corsair MP600 doesn't have the bandwidth to match the top Gen 4 SSDs in read and write speeds, but it's not far off, and with a large 4TB capacity, the price-to-performance ratio is pretty excellent. 

We reviewed the Corsair MP600 Core XT SSD and noted its overall performance as fairly mediocre in comparison to some of the better competition due to its reliance on QLC technology. But it's hard to not appreciate this SSD at this price, even with the lower 900 TBW performance. 

4TB Corsair MP600 Core XT SSD: now $159 at Corsair

4TB Corsair MP600 Core XT SSD: now $159 at Corsair (was $199)
The Corsair MP600 Core XT 4TB SSD uses a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface and can reach read/write speeds as high as 5000/4400 Mbps. With a 2280 form factor, this M.2 drive offers a high capacity, especially on motherboards that support less M.2 connectivity. 

Corsairs MP600 Core XT uses a Phison E21T controller and 176-Layer Micron QLC memory at its heart. There are various flavors of this drive - capacity-wise, with not only this 4TB model, but the MP600 is also available in 2TB and 1TB capacities. 

Compatible with the majority of available motherboards that support the M.2 format, the MP600 uses the 2280 M.2 form factor and is a perfect upgrade pick for either a PC or laptop computer.  Also, with the drive being able to reach read/write speeds as high as 5000/4400 Mbps, it is no slouch in gaming conditions and would make hoarding all your games library in one place a lot easier.

The Corsair MP600 Core XT 4TB is supported by Corsair’s 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which offers some peace of mind. But do check any warranties for specifics that may limit coverage.

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