Corsair AX1500i Has 80 Plus Titanium Cerificate; Costs $450

After a long wait, Corsair has finally brought its most advanced power supply to the market: the 1500 W AX1500i.

This power supply is capable of sustaining a power delivery of up to 1500 W. Due to the developments Corsair has made, it also scored an 80 Plus Titanium certificate. This is the first PSU to carry that certificate, so for those who run systems with high loads, this can be a good buy. At a load of about 750 W the unit will be over 94 percent efficient when hooked up to a 115 V grid.

"After we released the AX1200i, the world's first digital ATX PSU, our customers came to us asking for an even higher wattage AXi PSU to power their most demanding PCs," said Aaron Neal, product manager of PSUs at Corsair. "For them, we created AX1500i with more power and 80 Plus Titanium efficiency. We look forward to seeing the extreme dream PCs that top enthusiasts power with AX1500i."

The PSU is, in fact, so efficient that the 140 mm fan won't spin until the unit reaches a load level of 450 W. After that, because the fan is built using a fluid dynamic bearing, it probably won't make much noise either, as long as you don't try to pull the full 1500 W from it.

Corsair has also fitted the unit with the Corsair Link gear, as indicated by the "i" at the end of the product name. This allows the unit to be hooked up to an internal USB header for monitoring it.

Pricing for the unit is set at a hefty $449.99, though the unit does come with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. The AX1500i will be available from retailers around the end of this month.

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  • lp231
    Who would pay that much for a PSU?!
  • dstarr3
    Who would pay that much for a PSU?!

    Well, the kind of person that builds a computer that needs 1500W clearly has enough discretionary income to throw money at the thing. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the people that need that kind of power buy their components on the "The most expensive part must be the best!" mentality.
  • chimera201
    This PSU gives you bragging rights. I know rendering farms needs this kind of PSUs but PCs?