Corsair Claims AX1500i Digital ATX as "Most Technologically Advanced" Enthusiast PSU

Though the product launches in Las Vegas have been coming thick and fast for days, CES doesn't officially start until today, and Corsair has saved its announcements for the show itself.


First up is the AX1500i Digital ATX power supply. The AX1500i digitally controlled circuitry delivers 1500 watts of power with efficiency Corsair claims surpasses 80 Plus Platinum and meets the current draft for ATX 115 Volt 80 Plus Titanium for consumer PSUs. The PSU promises 94 percent efficiency at 50 percent load at 115V, includes 8 PCI-E cables for support for up to four GPUs, native USB onboard for Corsair Link, a 140 mm low noise fan with Silent Zero RPM Fan Mode up to 450 watts, and a 7-year warranty.

Corsair chalks the AX1500i's efficiency up to a streamlined component count and the fact that the AX1500i is DSP-based (that is, the PFC/PWM controller IC and supervision IC have been replaced with DSP). Combined with Corsair's Link technology, the DSP design means users can monitor temperature, current draw and power efficiency in real time, adjust the speed of the internal 140 mm fan, and set overcurrent protection points on a per-rail basis in the default multi-rail +12V configuration or switch to single +12V rail mode.

The AX1500i is a follow on from the AX1200i, which debuted in June 2012, at Computex in Taiwan. It is expected to go on sale in Q2 and will cost $449.99 in the U.S.

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  • therogerwilco
    Cmon Antec, I'm waiting...
  • Stevemeister
    These are all manufactured by Seasonic - including the better Antec supplies
  • marc79
    AX1200i is Flextronics oem

    AX760/860 is Seasonic
  • gadgety
    I want it.
  • spartanmk2
    $449.99 for a PSU? ..ouch
  • ultrawakawaka
    why would i spend 450 for a psu? I could easily get a enermax platinum 1500w psu for 350$ and
  • Axonn
    I can't wait for these features to trickle-down on normal PSUs (normal = around 500-600W). These >800W PSUs are monsters for niche use.