Cougar Unveils A $900 Case And Several New PSUs

The first meeting we had during Computex 2018 was with Cougar, which had several interesting products to show. The most impressive was a $900 case, the Gemini X, which has enough space to accommodate two systems and enough RGB lighting to illuminate a small room.

The Gemini X can be installed vertically or horizontally. Its tempered glass panels allow you to show off your system's more attractive internals, especially those with RGB lighting, while a second compartment allows you to hide the plain-Jane parts that haven't been adorned with multi-colored lights. The case is huge and its build quality appears to be great, but we still think the $900 price tag will be very hard to swallow.

Luckily there's another member of the Gemini series, the mid-tower Gemini-T, that bears a much lower price. This case also has RGB lighting and incorporates a gull-wing tempered glass door design. At $170 you can't quite call it affordable, but the price difference from the Gemini X is huge.

In the PSU section, Cougar had three new PSU lines to show off. We'll start with the ZXM RGB, which for the moment only has one member with 650W capacity and 80 PLUS Silver certification that features a semi-modular cable design.

The next new PSU line from Cougar is called BXM and counts three members with 700W, 850W, and 1kW capacities. This is a mainstream line, so there is no RGB lighting and the efficiency is 80 PLUS Bronze certified. Nonetheless, the finish of the chassis looks great, and the cooling fan uses a Hydro Dynamic Bearing (HDB). The cable design is semi-modular and the minor rails are rectified by a couple of DC-DC converters.

Cougar's upcoming flagship line will be called PXF. Initially it will only have one member with 1,050W capacity and a fully modular cable design. The efficiency certification is 80 PLUS Platinum and the temperature rating for continuous full power delivery is 40°C.

Cougar also plans to release an SFX unit that won't be made by its parent company, HEC/Compucase, like usual but will instead most likely be made by High Power. This PSU will have 500W capacity and carry an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency certification. It will also feature a fully modular cable design and an HDB fan.

Aside from the Gemini cases and new PSU lines, Cougar also showed off new RGB-equipped gaming headphones and a new gaming chair. Watch the video below to get an idea about all the new Cougar products that were revealed during Computex 2018.

Aris Mpitziopoulos
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.